Well it’s not quite fall yet, but our second batch of pasture poultry for the year went to grass this week.  We start the day old chicks in a chicken coop to control the temperature and keep them dry.  After three weeks they have good feather growth to withstand temperature swings and dampness from the elements.  By no means are they exposed completely to the outdoors.  A “chicken tractor” provides shelter and protection.  Plenty of fresh grass and fresh air without the worry of predators or weather.


Three week old broilers in their "chicken tractor" ready to move to fresh grass daily.

Three week old broilers in their “chicken tractor” ready to move to fresh grass daily.

Contact us if you would be interested in trying a chicken.  The taste is unlike anything you will find in a store.  Why?  Very few chickens grown in the USA and sold in stores actually have access to grass at any point in their life.  Grass is not required to keep a chicken alive, but when given the opportunity a chicken will readily consume grass as part of a normal healthy diet.

Feel free to stop by to see what we are talking about.

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