The first calves of 2014 have arrived.  We found these two bull calves today.  Enjoy the photos.

First calf 2014 resting.

This calf had crawled through the fence to an ungrazed paddock to relax in some fresh grass. Momma was keeping watch from just across the fence.


First milk - colostrum

This calf was still wet when we arrived. Within 30 minutes the calf is up and getting that first important meal of colostrum (first milk).


Calf travels with herd on first day.

Later in the day, bath time. Within 30 minutes the calf was up for first milk. Here he has traveled about 300 yards with the herd to a fresh paddock.

Calves are born with a summer hair coat. Calving this time of year closely matches our local wild animal birth schedule, such as deer.

What a miracle!  God Is Great!