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Pasture Grazed = 100% Grassfed, MORE with LESS…

Most people have no idea what’s in the meat their family is eating.  We raise pure meat.  Our customers feel healthy and satisfied after a meal of pasture grazed beef or chicken.

We refer to our beef as pasture grazed because the herd is always on pasture.  How can you be assured of this claim?


How we work with nature, our commitment to you, the land and the animals we raise (MORE):

  • Cattle on pasture 365 days per year
  • Cattle allowed to develop a natural herd instinct
  • Cattle moved to fresh paddocks regularly
  • Cattle have a rumen designed to consume forages, forage is all that our herd is offered
  • Calves are born with summer hair coats, our calves are born in late spring and early summer
  • Cows nurse their calves a minimum of 8 months (usually longer), calves learn from their mother naturally
  • Cattle treated with medications only under emergency situations
    • Beginning with our 2016 born calves, our herd is vaccination free
    • Beef for sale directly to consumers is always antibiotic free
    • Fresh grass and appropriate mineral supplementation = herd health!
  • Cattle worked in a calm no stress way
  • Cattle herd is Animal Welfare Approved
  • Cattle herd is Certified Grassfed

What we don’t allow (LESS):

  • Our cattle are never fed grain or allowed to graze crop residue (the rumen is not designed for starch)
  • Our cattle are never offered feed or mineral containing sub therapeutic antibiotics
  • Our cattle are never treated with a growth hormone (natural or synthetic)
  • Our cattle are never offered feed or mineral containing beta-agonists (Ractopamine)
  • Our cattle are never offered distillers grains (by-product of corn-based ethanol)
  • Our cattle are never treated with pesticides (chemical pour on wormers or fly sprays)

Weston A. Price members might interested in how we answer the “WAPF Farm Visit Checklist”.  Our most current answers for WAPF (link to pdf).

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Our Animals

About DS Family Farmhead_shot_2016

We are Doug and Sheila Garrison, along with our two sons Nathan and Jacob, make up DS Family Farm.


We want to see you and your family Healthy!

Healthy soils grow healthy plants that feed healthy animals resulting in healthy food for you.  Healthy food is our goal.  A side benefit to this process is a flavor unique to our farm.  Eating beef and chicken raised on our farm will result in an eating experience and taste unlike anything you have tried before.

Where to find us

If you are familiar with Lincoln, Nebraska, we are just 14 miles west of downtown on US Highway 34. For a general reference, our farm is on the western edge of the Central tall grasslands, referred to as the “sweet spot” for raising pasture grazed beef.

Our Background

Doug is from Lincoln Nebraska and Sheila grew up on a farm near Malcolm Nebraska.  Doug attended UN-L majoring in Natural Resources and Ag Education.  Following college Doug was hired and continues to work with the USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service.  Sheila works as stay at-home-Mom and part-time with JDickson Designs.  We enjoy country dancing and for a short time taught country dance.

Our son Nathan currently attends UN-L working toward a degree in Wildlife and also plays in the UN-L pep band.  Son Jacob is enrolled at Concordia University – Seward Nebraska where he studies Pre-Seminary and participates on the Speech Team.

Contact Information

You can contact us via e-mail.

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This is our families’ blog. The main focus is pasture grazed (grass-fed) beef.  Our mission is to help others learn about healing our land, communities and our selves.  Therefore, we write on livestock, grazing, pasture health, traditional and natural foods. Since this is our personal blog related to our Farm, the views and comments are our own.  We do our best to list sources from which we learn from and relate to you through our posts.  We typically post two times a month. To make sure you don’t miss our newest posts, you can subscribe via RSS or e-mail.