Buy From Our Farm

Interested in trying 100% Grassfed Beef or Pastured Chicken?  Never bought directly from a farmer before?  Join us as we introduce you to “Buy From Our Farm”.  Locally Produced “Pasture Grazed” Meat for YOU.

Four Options:

  • Purchase product available direct from the farm.
    • Product direct from the farm is available for pickup at the farm or FREE delivery to Lincoln/Seward Area.
    • Direct farm sales are cash or check sales.
    • Lancaster County Health Department & State Department of Ag inspected storage on farm.
  • Custom Order/Processed Quarters & Halves (Freezer Bulk Beef Sales).
  • Buy on-line during purchase cycles of the Nebraska Food Coop.
    • Product listed on the Nebraska Food Coop is available for delivery to locations across Nebraska.
    • Food Coop product sales handled by the NE Food Coop through PayPal or other approved methods.
    • Depending on the time of year the cycle maybe as often as every two weeks.
    • Check out their website for offerings from farms across Nebraska.
  • Buy on-line through Lone Tree Foods.
    • If you would like to use Lone Tree Foods delivery service for our products please contact us.  We will work with you on available products and coordinate with Lone Tree Foods to complete your order and delivery.  Refer to the Lone Tree Foods website for their current delivery area (Lincoln/Omaha) and schedules.

Midwest Laboratory analysis of our beef vs. conventional beef?

The Omega 6:3 ratio of DS Family Farm Beef is excellent!

Thank you for looking and please e-mail or call 402-796-2208 with any questions.  Food Permit #050505.