Beef Bone Broth

Healing Bone Broth!

  • Healthy and Convenient – One Product.
  • Feel Beautiful on the INSIDE.
  • Quart (30 oz.) & Pint (14 oz.) containers for you and your family.
  • Made with beef bones from our Certified Grassfed herd.
  • Processed at Prairie Plate Restaurant Waverly Nebraska.
  • Made with Seven Springs Nebraska Spring Water Long Pine, Nebraska.
  • With Organic and Local Ingredients.
  • Low Sodium product, add salt to taste.
  • Frozen in BPA Free, heavy-duty re-usable containers.
  • When thawed, a liquid ready to:
    • Warm on stove top.
    • Add to coffee or hot tea.
    • Drink it cold.
    • Use with your recipes.
  • Tallow Topped means a small amount of fat.
    • This fat (and broth) is a great addition to your bullet proof coffee.
    • The fat simply melts away when heated.

Currently not available on the Farm but scroll down for instructions to make your own!

Get that “Great Gut” Feeling

Our friend Miranda Sherman, author of “The Mighty Fork, Healing Your Mind and Body, With Food” lists Bone Broth as one of the “Holy Trinity Of Foods”: Bone Broth, Sauerkraut and Raw Milk.

Do you have Gurgling Gut?

Calm the gut and calm your mind by taking care of your Microbiome.  We rely on trillions of microbes to keep us healthy.  Up to 80% of our overall immune system is reported to be directly linked to the health of our gut.  In addition, the gut – mind link has been well established.  Calm, happy gut = calm, happy mind.

Microbiome Care

With most of our mental and physical health directly linked to the microbes in our gut, take care of them with traditional foods.

Folks Call Us Looking For Certified Grassfed Bones

Hands Down, the number one request we get is for BONES!  Reason: To make healing, nourishing BONE BROTH.  Customers are looking specifically for “clean” pastured animal bones to fix:

  1. Joint pain, heal past injuries
  2. Digestion issues, heal gut and liver
  3. General healing, pre and post-surgery
  4. Depression or anxiety healing
  5. Restaurant or company looking to source bones

Who Calls for Bones?

Mom’s call for their young kids and their young adult children.  Folks call for themselves.  They call because their Doctor told them to source GRASSFED or PASTURE animal bones.  They call because the DS Family Farm beef herd is Certified Grassfed.

Bone Broth, You Can Do It!

Give our ready-made bone broth a try!  Ready to try making your own bone broth?  Check our products page and the Nebraska Food Coop for bones, or email us for bone availability.  Here is an easy beef bone broth recipe.

Customer Testimonial

Following is information from a recent customer.  When I asked her why she purchased bones from DS Family Farm, she said “because your beef herd is Certified Grassfed”.  Our customer writes:

My daughter struggled with postpartum depression after her first child and was prescribed anti-depressants.  No such symptoms presented after her second child but a year after the birth of the second child she began to struggle with OCD regarding cleaning/washing which lead to depression.  With her doctor’s help she learned several things.

·         Serotonin deficiency causes depression, OCD, and anxiety

·         This deficiency is treated with antidepressants

·         Genetic testing for the MTHFR C677T mutation (TT) might be advisable

My daughter took the genetic test and found she is homozygous for the MTHFR C677T mutation (TT).  What this basically means is that the body, being homozygous, can only process folic acid at 30%. 

MTHFR Mutation Problems Include:

  • High homocysteine levels in your blood and urine – this increases your risk for heart disease including high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke.
  • Increased risk of neural tube defects and preeclampsia if you become pregnant. 
  • Improper neurotransmitter production – this can lead to depression, anxiety, mood disorders and complex psychiatric illness.
  • Increased risk for the eye disorder glaucoma.

However you don’t need to be on medication you just need to make some dietary changes.  Making sure you are getting less folic acid and more methyl-folate which is more easily broken down by the body.  This can be accomplished through adopting the Paleo diet which cuts out processed foods, a lot of which add folic acid, and concentrate on whole foods which naturally contain methyl-folate.

My daughter also researched “Gut to Brain.”  Apparently, something like 90% of our serotonin is produced in the gut…so if you are having gut issues it will lead to mood issues.  In all her reading these two things, MTHFR and Gut to Brain, seem to overlap a lot. 

Gut to Brain guidelines place emphasis on probiotics and whole foods, particularly bone broths to drink and to use as a base for soups and basic cooking such as in cooking rice, noodles, in mashed potatoes and anywhere else it may be substituted for milk or water.

 When I was growing up, this was simply called ‘stock.’  My mother made primarily beef stock but I also make chicken stock.  It involves a slow simmer of herbs and bones that have very little meat on them for 24 hours, straining the stock, and using it as described above.  My mother would only have us drink the stock if we were sick but the flavor is significantly better than bouillon cubes!  I had the pleasure of teaching my daughter how to make stock to help her get healthier.”