I am always interested in learning about any touted healthy eating options. Most have probably heard of the “Paleo Diet” (Paleo).  Recently a co-worker filled me in on his personal research and experience with this diet. There appears to be different versions of the Paleo depending on the website/book and author.

ground beef

How do you like your ground beef?
Paleo says “where’s the protein?”
WAPF says “where’s the fat?

Two main points my friend makes about the Paleo:

  1. Lean meat for protein (sourced from pasture raised animals)
  2. Cod Liver Oil provides many health benefits.

Of course I agree with the health benefits of consuming protein from healthy animals raised on a grass & forage only diet. In past posts I have discussed the Weston A Price Foundation (WAPF) that also promotes meat from pasture raised animals.  Where WAPF prizes the “fat” from grassed based animals, Paleo appears to prize the “lean meat”.

Where WAPF and Paleo come together is with the use of cod liver oil.  WAPF considers cod liver oil a superfood.  A recognized source of high quality cod liver oil is right here in Nebraska.  Greenpasture.org actually blends butter from their pastured cows with fermented cod liver oil to create what they call a “nutrient rich sacred food”.

If you follow either the WAPF or Paleo crowd, we here at DS Family Farm are on your side, raising animals that will give the meat (protein or fat) that you are looking for.

If I have misrepresented the Paleo Diet, please comment below.

Photo credit: http://www.morguefile.com/creative/MaxStraeten

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