Cows have been described as “starvation” animals.  Meaning that about every waking moment they feel on the verge of starving to death.  So their natural instinct is to eat like it might be their last meal.  When they can’t eat anymore they rest and chew their cud.  Then back to eating!

(Video: solar powered steer getting his ice cream just clipping tops of plants for sugar)

Like you and I, when given the choice, cows will eat the “ice cream” first.  Ice cream to a cow is the best part of plants.  The best part of a plant to eat depends on the individual cow.  Either Energy or Protein.  For the most part, our pastures have plenty of protein, so cattle are usually seeking energy when they graze.  Energy is found in plant parts closest to the sun.  Energy from ongoing or recent photosynthesis is a cows first choice, so they cream off the tops of plants first.

To sell beef we need cattle to get fat.  Before an animal will get fat, their basic requirements to live must be met (energy).  Most beef sold today is fattened on corn requiring large amounts of fossil fuel energy (see the link to NY Times Power Steer article).  Here at DS Family Farm we use Solar Energy through the miracle of photosynthesis to fatten cattle.

Some folks have even said they can “taste the oil” in regular beef.  I don’t know about that.  What about the taste of corn?  Personally I don’t know if anyone knows what corn tastes like these days.  Corn is in everything, just look at the ingredient label.  Everything tastes like corn and corn tastes like everything!

We urge you to TASTE the difference between an oil/corn powered steer versus a “solar powered steer”.

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