The whole family will love you for making this one.  Good Ole stand-by from Betty C.

pasture chicken

Cut up pasture chicken ready for Betty Crocker.  Notice the yellow color to the fat. Grass delivers beta-Carotene. Enjoy eating the fat and skin of a pasture raised chicken!

Mom Garrison Chicken Stock


  • Jewish folklore considers the addition of chicken feet as the secret to successful broth.
  • The correct Stock Pot will make this task so much easier!
    • Discard your old pots and invest in a 12 quart stainless steel pot with a glass lid that has a vent.
    • This pot will simmer on low reserving all liquid for hours needing only to be checked occasionally.
  • Stock is just the liquid, made with mainly bones.
  • Broth is made using bones and meat.

Check for Chicken Feet in the DS Family Farm Product Catalog