In past posts we have promoted a “traditional diet” that includes animal fats and protein as part of a healthy diet.  There is a significant population that is vegetarian and avoids animal based food products.  So who’s right?  If you are searching for a healthy diet we urge you to do your research.

At lunch, I am usually a vegetatian. A great time to make sure I am eating the rainbow. (Photo:

At lunch, I am usually a vegetarian. A great time to make sure I am eating the rainbow. (Photo:

Other diet thoughts would be to stress our digestive system as we stress our muscles when doing a work out to promote strength.  Restrict intake of different food groups, there probably are some health benefits to giving up a food item for 40 days (Lent).  Consider a fast; let your body burn off some of those lower quality proteins in your system.  Just as with weight training muscles, give your digestive system proper time to recover from stress.

Some famous statements probably hold true to diets as well:

  • Everything in moderation
  • Variety is the spice of life

Moderation is a pretty straight forward concept but what about variety? When I think of variety I think of the late Jerry Brunetti (eco ag specialist and founder of Agri-dynamics) power point presentation “Food As Medicine”. Take a few minutes to flip through this 77 slide PDF document, loaded with photos, and appreciate what it means to “Eat The Rainbow”.

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