Review of this blog’s past posts will show “Diet” is one of the main topics.  My failing health brought me to the realization that things had to change.  Finding out pasture raised animal products were a key part of a healthy diet was a fantastic fit, animal agriculture has always been a passion of mine.

This past January I whined a about my weight swing up after the Christmas Carbohydrate Season.  A month or so after that post my health insurance company sent a notice that I could take an online health checkup.  Guess what, based on my responses to the survey I was overweight.  This surprised me a little.  Turns out that a 6′ 0″ male of my age should weigh 185 pounds, not 199 pounds. OverweightThe good news, I could enroll in an online Virtual Lifestyle Management – VLM (TM) course to help me lose weight.  So I signed up and in the future will share the experience of taking my advice from earlier posts while completing the VLM course.  As you may imagine, the online course makes the point to avoid fat!  Fat has more calories per gram and VLM recommends a diet that has no more than 25% of calories from fat.  How do you think I took this advice based on my earlier posts???

What about you?  Where are you on your quest for a healthy diet?  Who’s path have you crossed on your venture?

On my journey towards a healthy diet I have had the privilege to make acquaintance with Danna Seevers, a local “busy mom with 5 kids navigating her family’s way on the ‘Health-Nut Highway’.”  Check out her Good Life Naturally blog.  A good post to start with is “The ‘Diet’ Mentality” which sums up our cultures fixation on diets and the irony of it.  Danna is well known in her community for healthy eating and has given talks at local schools.  Check out this Prezi presentation posted on the local Concordia University website: Health-Nut Highway.  (The Prezi thing is just cool and Danna’s information is great!).

So what Exit are you on?

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