After having the privilege to care and raise a batch of chickens, the “reward” is this special day.  Photos below from 2014 Broiler Butcher Day.  It is a humbling experience to go through this process.  With help, we were able to clean and package 25 broilers in about three hours.

batch of broilers

Batch of broilers raised using the Joel Salatin portable shelter method. These birds are about 8 weeks old.

scalding broilers

After a proper killing, the broiler is dunked in a scalder at about 150 degree water temperature.

feather plucker

Feathers are removed with a plucker.

broiler processing

Removing internals, cut-up, final cleaning and prep for packaging.

The final product, a packaged chicken.

The final product, a packaged chicken.

Maybe not the most pleasant overall process but it makes one stop and think where our food really comes from.  As for a packaged chicken without a breast?  Jacob donated a number of breasts to our local High School fund-raiser for Breast Cancer Awareness.

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