Calving season ended June 4th this year with the last calf – 2014.  Our herd of 8 cows all calved within 3 weeks.

newly born calf

Newly born calf resting in fresh paddock.

Being born is hard work for both the cow and the calf.  Both animals have a depressed immune system right at birthing.  Under any conditions we feel it is important to keep the herd moving to fresh paddocks away from soiled areas to prevent potential disease issues.  Calves will creep ahead to the freshest available grass and rest away from the herd.  This is easy for them to do with our single wire poly fence.  Calves simply walk under the fence while the larger herd members stay in the current paddock.  Calves will rest often over the first few days of life away from the herd but close enough to get back to mom for a meal.

resting calf

New calf resting as mom keeps watch.

Feel free to contact us if you would like to visit the farm to view the new calves.  This is a great time of year to visit with fresh grass growing and rambunctious calves bouncing around.

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