Broilers on fresh grass.

Broilers on fresh grass.

Prior to our start with cattle, we practiced pasture animal production using poultry.  Specifically chickens known as “broilers”, birds bred and raised for their meat, not eggs.  Pasture poultry production is a fairly easy process.  Day old chicks arrive in the mail.  Their first few weeks are spent inside, protected from the elements.  At around three weeks of age the young birds move to a portable (floorless) shelter.  The shelter provides protection from weather but more importantly, security from predators.  Without a floor, the chickens are free to pick and scratch through grass and excrete their waste right onto the soil.  The shelters are moved daily to a fresh patch of grass.

Fresh grass is the key to chicken health.  They do consume grains for a large part of their diet, but you would be amazed at the amount of grass a chicken will eat.  In addition to grass and grain, chickens love to feast on any unsuspecting bug.

In the end, a healthy pasture raised broiler in your grill, skillet, oven or crock pot will translate into a happy healthy family.  Email us for current or future availability of pasture poultry.

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