This 2011 photo was taken shortly after our herd of 10 heifers and a bull showed up on our farm.  Three years seems like a long time but in the process of turning a startup beef herd into a product you can ship to consumers, well we still have a year to go!

starting a beef herd

July 12, 2011 shortly after we started pasture grazing our herd of beef.

Prior to the herd arrival there was about six years of on and off work to prepare the farm.  Pulling old fence, cutting unwanted trees and building new fence.  Reading, attending grazing conferences, research, meeting folks and networking with people willing to give us help and advice along the way.

That is correct, four years to manufacture our first product, we hope.  Fortunately, this has been somewhat of a labor of love for us.  One good friend told us early on that to take on something like this almost requires a “calling”.  Is this our “calling”?  We are not exactly sure but God has not closed the door on this adventure yet.  Three years (1095 days) may seem like a long time when building a widget, but when working with nature this has only been 3 growing “seasons”.

Setting your clock to work on natures time is totally different from the American 8 hour day.  Feel free to contact us if you would like to visit a working grass farm and enjoy some time away from the day and take in our current season.  Three years and counting…

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