We hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving Day.  Like other holidays in the United States, FOOD is an important part of the celebration.  These traditions passed down over the years offer great enjoyment.  Holidays give us an opportunity to return to our favorite traditional food.  Turkey, ham and mashed potatoes are a few of my all time favorites.  During much of the year, lives seem busy and we often turn to food ITEMS our Grandparents would not recognize as FOOD.

What food ITEM is this, and why was the wheat starch modified?

What food ITEM is this, and why was the wheat starch modified?

As I shared in an earlier post, my own consumption of a highly processed food diet created chronic health problems.  When the third prescribed pill would not suppress my health issues, a search for an alternative solution began.  Thankfully, the first alternative I stumbled across included a change in diet to raw foods.  A change in diet seemed odd when there must be a “silver bullet” pill that would be quicker and easier.  As it turns out, the easier softer way was to reduce consumption of highly processed food items and increase consumption of raw or low processed traditional food.

Once tuned into the link between health and diet, my research quickly lead me to the Weston A Price Foundation (WAPF).  A Cleveland dentist in the early 1900s,  Dr. Price in a search for the factors responsible for fine teeth found that people groups on traditional diets had beautiful straight teeth.  Hint: these observable findings are still valid today if you would like to avoid issues at the dentist and orthodontist.  In addition to Dr. Price, if you attended Elementary School in the 70s like myself, you should easily recognize the famous science class reference to Dr. Francis M. Pottenger.  We all learned what happened to the “Pottenger cats” fed different diets from raw to highly processed.  Spoiler if you don’t remember: after just a few generations the cats fed processed food items could no longer reproduce.  If I would have only been smart enough to make the leap from cats to myself back then!

Take a look at the listed Characteristics of Traditional Diets from the WAPF. Note the references to animal protein and remember that these traditional cultures raised their animals on pasture grass and forages.  We invite you to experience a return to Traditional Food.  Find a local farmer who you can meet with and find out their production method.  Buy your food as raw as possible.  You will help a farmer and help yourself, family and friends by adding just enough processing to those raw foods to make them safe and healthy.

Did you guess the ingredient label food item above?  Strawberry pop-tart.  Love those darn things but they don’t like me.

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