Sometimes I wonder which animal eats more grass, a dog or a chicken?  Seems like our dog can really chomp on some grass.  But who really cares if a chicken eats grass?

chicken eat grass

Our pasture grazed chickens munching on the greens.

If you are struggling to find real healthy, life-giving food for your family, then you care if chickens can eat grass.

When chickens eat grass wonderful things happen:

  • Grass provides natural immunity to chickens.
  • No need for vaccinations, antibiotics or other medicated feeds for these chickens.
  • That natural immunity from the grass is passed on to you and your family through the meat.
    • I would much rather eat chicken than grass!
  • Grass provides a flavor to the meat you simply will not find in a grocery store.
  • Wonderful meat that tastes great, now there is a meal your family will praise you for.

So if you think we had the chicken pose for the photo, not so fast, take a look at the video proof below.


(By the way, that is our dog barking in the background, she must want out of her kennel to get some of that grass!)

Please contact us if you would like to see the chickens in real life action.  Hope to see you soon.

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