Why do folks go nuts for pasture chicken?

pasture poultry

Pasture poultry moved to fresh grass daily in portable shelters.

I can remember as a kid eating Grandma’s farm raised chickens.  Grandma did not raise her chickens in pasture shelters like we do, but I know what her chicken tasted like.  Her chicken feed did not contain arsenic, antibiotics, caffeine, Tylenol or Prozac (NY Times link).  I loved eating Grandma’s home fried chicken, especially the SKIN!  I know, I know, being raised in the 60’s and 70’s, I soon learned that eating the skin or fat was considered a NO – NO!

Like you, I tried to limit my animal fat intake.  I too took the lie that fat was bad.  Now that we know fat is good in our diet, we are still stuck with the problem that factory raised chicken (or any animal) is probably not a good source of animal fat based on what they are fed.  Do they still feed that “stuff” to factory raised chicken?  I don’t know, but I am sure a factory raised chicken is not getting any grass.  You are what you eat ate!

Raising animals in nature’s image is the solution.  Chicken that has access to fresh grass and sunshine does not need medicated feed.  Fresh moves to grass daily and locally raised non-gmo grains keep these chickens healthy without antibiotics.  We let the natural chicken feed be their medicine.  Let the food you eat be your medicine.

pasture poultry

Pasture Poultry, notice the yellow color to the fat. The grass delivers beta-Carotene. Enjoy eating the fat and skin of a pasture raised chicken!


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